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Flight Recordings

Torn Apart and Devoured by... TIGERS!

Jeffrey Channing Wells

Learning to Fly

Torn Apart and Devoured by... TIGERS!

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Learning to Fly
Hey dudes, you will recall that I snagged a spot in the first Machine of Death anthology with my short story "Torn Apart and Devoured by Lions", a story which was pleasantly well-received. Anyway, an enterprising film student named Kevin McCoy secured permission to adapt it into a school project, and with his blessing, I'm sharing the results! His version has changed the deadly animal in question to "Tigers", I am told, because he had more tiger paraphernalia around (as it's his school mascot).

Now, before you click, please be advised that the very beginning and very end of the film contain graphic and gory photographic stock footage of tiger attack. Be warned if you are of a sensitive disposition.


Cool, eh?
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