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Flight Recordings

A bit of an explanation...

Jeffrey Channing Wells

Learning to Fly

A bit of an explanation...

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Learning to Fly
Hey, guys! Just dropping a quick blog post to let y'all know that, once again, I'm GoHing Intervention this year. In what seems to be an attempt to encourage preregistration over at-the-door registration, they're also holding a little incentive thing, so if you're already planning on going to see Sarge and I talking comics, pre-registration would seem to be the way to go. Come! See us talk! Buy books with our signatures on it! Be amused by my hat!

In other news, yes, the LJ is a little dusty. By way of explanation: in quick succession, my workplace IT department blocked all things LJ from my break-time workstation surfing, and LJ beefed up their code so that it is virtually unloadable over my admittedly paleolithic home Internet connection. So my check-in's in on the site have been few and far between, lately. I'm not intentionally ignoring any of you, honest.
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  • Huh! Intervention looks like it could be really nifty. I don't think I have the social chutzpah to go solo, though.
    • It's really a pretty inviting con. Small enough not to be intimidating, big enough to be interesting. But it's a bit of a jaunt for you, right?
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