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New writings site!

Jeffrey Channing Wells

Learning to Fly

New writings site!

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Learning to Fly
Hey, folks! I've finally decided to move some of my writing over to WordPress, mainly because it looks a bit cooler to direct people to a WordPress site than an LJ one. (I'm still working on the domain name redirect for the domain names so I can give out a custom URL and create the wholly spurious illusion of having my shit really together.) For those of you who follow such things, check out The Scrivnarium. Assuming I can get a crossposter up and running, anything posted there will show up here as well, but some people just like following WordPress. Also, I will be keeping that blog strictly business (stories, con appearances, and the like) so if you're really attached to listening to me talk about my applesauce, you won't want to ditch this here LJ entirely.

Leaving for Intervention in just a couple weeks! I can't flippin' wait.

UPDATE: Redirecting is much easier than anticipated. Scrivnarium.net and Scrivnarium.com now both point to my WordPress site. Shit: together.
  • The free Wordpress.com or your own hosting using a WP platform? If the latter, you need to stay on top of the updates. Like weekly. Like, I'm not exaggerating. The WP platform is chock full of holes that can be exploited by phishing and redirect scammers. They get in and put pages on your site that re-direct your readers to their scammy sales pages, and harvest their info. There is currently not much that can be done to prevent it but to stay on top of the updates. And make regular backups so recovery is less painful when they do hit you.

    That said, WP still rocks. I can put up a very professional site in a fraction of the time it used to take. And I still recommend it. Just with caveats.

    If you are doing the free hosting on wordpress.com, then you don't have to worry about it.
    • Yeah, the latter. Eventually I may try to wrap my brain around WP.org coding, but not now. Thanks for the warning!
  • Applesauce?

  • Yay!


    (that is the coupon code, isn't it?)
  • Mwuahaha! Added to my RSS reader.
  • Hello, any idea what happened to the syndicated feed? It hasn't parsed any updates since Nov. 10. http://skinhorsecomic.livejournal.com/profile
    • My first guess is that it got claimed by whatever wonkiess has hit DreamHost out in California, but it looks like the problem starts much earlier than our troubles there. I'll get LJ administration on the horn.
      • Thanks, even for trying! And BTW sorry about the comments hijack. :-)
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