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Flight Recordings

"Observatory Hill"

Jeffrey Channing Wells

Learning to Fly

"Observatory Hill"

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Learning to Fly
Warning: "My Little Pony" content. Skip now if you're a MLP=Cancer type.

Those of you who remain may be interested to know that I spent the last couple weeks penning a straight-up non-parody non-crossover "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" fanfic. I don't see this becoming a regular thing, as I just plain don't have a lot of story ideas for this universe, but for those of you who follow this journal instead of Equestria Daily, I thought I should link to it, in case you're curious. I kind of like how it turned out.

"Observatory Hill"
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
  • Affecting and well-written. Got a little long in the second part, but the action parts were viewable in the mind's eye as if being played out in the cartoon. The ending was good, and it feels like a necessary episode in these lives. I wished we could have caught back up with the rock concert gang, though I understand we probably know what they were doing because of their earlier pronouncements.
    • Yeah, I'm not sure there's actually a plot there, per se. I think everything goes pretty much as expected, against all odds.

      The second part is long and talky. I am guilty of wanting to put tangential details in that I'm suspect I'm never going to have a chance to express elsewhere, so it feels a little padded.

      Glad the action sequences turned out. They were a bear to write, pun unintentional.
  • (Anonymous)
    I'm just headed to work and thus can't read your story now or comment on it, but I did want to mention that I looked up the thread on EQ and found amusing the people going on in the comments about *the* Jeffrey Wells.

    You've gotten a bit internet-famous these last couple years. :D
    • Yeah, it's a little weird to have my middle name be reported as "freaking", but not a wholly unwelcome sort of weird. I think maybe people who like talking animals like both "Skin Horse" and Ponies or something?
  • I usually don't read fan-fiction, but I really enjoyed this. It captured Luna really well. :)
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