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Flight Recordings

"Tales of the Starbuck Avenger"... now in e-book format!

Jeffrey Channing Wells

Learning to Fly

"Tales of the Starbuck Avenger"... now in e-book format!

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Starbuck Avenger
Hi folks. Do you like "Tales of the Starbuck Avenger"? Or maybe just want to use it as a counter-example when my hordes of detractors point out that I never finish a damn story? Maybe you're a fan, but you're tired of clicking back through lots of increasingly-pokey LJ pages on the tag menu in order to re-read your favorite parts? WELL, YOU ARE SO THE HELL IN LUCK IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Because thanks to the gallant efforts of the dashing and talented viqsi you may now download an e-book edition of "...Starbuck Avenger" of your very own!

Click Here for the .epub file. If you don't already have a reader that can handle .epub files, you may obtain simple readers from various Internet sources. For me, it worked fine on FBReader for Windows. Mac users who don't already have an .epub reader could maybe try Calibre; I have not tested this as yet, but it seems simple and free.

Happy clicking!
  • *whoops and downloads*
    • P.S. I let Windows search for an opening app, and it came up with Adobe Digital Editions as a reader. Free as *cough* Adobe Acrobat is.

      (Why yes, I've finished everything except the omake, thank you.)
      • Thanks for the extra research. I know next to nothing about the whole .epub thing! High time to start learning...
  • (Anonymous)
    First, nice one, Viqsi! Second- I hadn't read any of "Starbuck Avenger" before. T'is awesome and epic! This is basically first-person demotic narrative as some sort of ninjitsu! (Third- I use too many '!'s.)
  • Excellent! Many thanks to you for writing and to viqsi for formatting. :)
    LJ won't let me log in tonight, for some reason. Not intentionally anonymous.
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