Jeffrey Channing Wells (jeffreycwells) wrote,
Jeffrey Channing Wells

New writings site!

Hey, folks! I've finally decided to move some of my writing over to WordPress, mainly because it looks a bit cooler to direct people to a WordPress site than an LJ one. (I'm still working on the domain name redirect for the domain names so I can give out a custom URL and create the wholly spurious illusion of having my shit really together.) For those of you who follow such things, check out The Scrivnarium. Assuming I can get a crossposter up and running, anything posted there will show up here as well, but some people just like following WordPress. Also, I will be keeping that blog strictly business (stories, con appearances, and the like) so if you're really attached to listening to me talk about my applesauce, you won't want to ditch this here LJ entirely.

Leaving for Intervention in just a couple weeks! I can't flippin' wait.

UPDATE: Redirecting is much easier than anticipated. and now both point to my WordPress site. Shit: together.

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