March 21st, 2006

Learning to Fly

Rare Vintage Sir Elton

"Lady Samantha," by Sir Elton John. I believe I've gushed about it elsewhere in the annals of this blog, but I'm going to do it again. This song kicks my ass with uncanny regularity. I do not understand it. I mean, I don't mean to talk it up and have everyone track down a copy and then listen and be all nonplussed and think, "Is that it?" It's just this tiny little simple song, two verses and a repeating chorus, nary a bridge to be heard, but for some reason it just knocks me over. Sadly, I can't find an album for less than $40.00 that includes it. It's on the To Be Continued... box set that I can find at my local library, but that's almost $70 new, and the eponymous imported B-side collection disc isn't even available except used anymore, starting at at least that. I wonder if there's a legal .mp3 purchase site where I could get a copy of this track without breaking the bank. Sadly, my experience in these areas is limited. We stick with the library version for now.
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    Elton John, To Be Continued..., "Lady Samantha"